Business Plan Samples

Business plan samples are confidential documents and because of Non Disclosure Agreements signed with our clients, our hands are tight in sharing samples with new clients. However, below is the table of contents of what you get when you order our complete business plan package.

Table of Contents

Confidentiality Agreement

Purpose of the Business Plan

1     Executive Summary

1.1      Our Vision and Mission Statement

1.2      Business Objectives

1.2.1       Non-financial Objectives

1.2.2       Financial Objectives.

1.3      Our Core Competences

1.4      Our Core Values

1.5      Keys to Success

1.6      Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA)

2     Business Model Canvas

3     Company Overview

3.1      Company Conceptualization

3.2      Registered Name and Corporate Structure

3.3      IP Protection

3.4      Company Location and Resources

3.5      Demography Analysis of the United States

3.6      Management Overview

3.6.1       Founder’s Profile

3.6.2       Management Summary

3.6.3       External Professional Resources

3.6.4       Organogram

4     Products and Services Description

5     Market Analysis

5.1      Porters’ Five Forces Analysis

5.1.1       The threat of New Entry

5.1.2       Competitive Rivalry

5.1.3       Buyer Power

5.1.4       Supplier Power

5.1.5       Threat of Substitution

5.2      SWOT Analysis

5.2.1       Strengths

5.2.2       Weakness

5.2.3       Opportunities

5.2.4       Threats

5.3      Risks and Risks Mitigation Processes

6     Strategy and Implementation Summary

6.1      Marketing Objectives

6.2      Marketing Strategies and Implementation

6.3      Sales Strategy

6.4      Marketing and Communication Execution Recommendations

7     Financial Plan

7.1      Operating Expenses

7.2      Revenue Analysis

7.3      Glance View of the Analysis

7.4      Financial Summary

7.5      Projected Income Statement

7.6      Projected Cash Flow Statement

7.7      Projected Statement of Financial Position

7.8      Breakeven Analysis

7.9      Loan Amortization

7.10    Net Present Value

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