E2 Visa Business Plan

E2 Visa business plans are a good choice for nationals of treaty countries who are interested in starting a venture, expanding current operations, or buying an existing business in the United States. Even though the applicant may feel confident in his/her line of business, it is imperative that he/she presents a highly detailed plan that demonstrates compliance with E2 (E-2) regulations and adjudication standards, and provides the business information that USCIS and consular officers need to assess the E2 (E-2) petition. We at XcelbPlans can provide exceptional immigration business plan services with a focus on all E2 (E-2) requirements, including the concepts of “substantiality” and “marginality”. Call Visa Business Plans today at (888) 657-3515 to learn more about our E2 (E-2) Treaty Investor Visa Business plans!

U.S. Immigration Support Services

Based on our experience, we have created a proprietary process that allows clients to know every step of the development of their projects. Our process provides peace of mind and allows all of the parties involved to plan ahead and manage expectations. At XcelbPlans, we provide the experienced, knowledgeable service you need offered by a customer service-driven team. 500+ Highly Detailed Business Plans Delivered—All Custom Made. We take our job very seriously as we stand by the premise that our client’s success is our success. We never resort to a cookie-cutter approach or work off of prefabricated templates. Each project we create is uniquely made for your case, aligns with the attorney’s strategy, and meets USCIS adjudication standards. Our turnaround time is usually five business days, but we can produce a highly detailed, customized plan to fit your deadline, at an additional fee for the expedited process

Business Plans for SBA Loans

At XcelBPlans, we have experience preparing business plans for various Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs to purchase land, buildings, equipment, or fixtures. Also, SBA programs allow you to tackle leasehold improvements and address working capital needs. SBA loan program criteria are highly selective. For example, at larger banks, the approval rate for SBA loans, is only around 25%. The most common reasons banks deny personal loan applications include: Poor business plan that does not clearly articulate your company, products, target market, marketing strategy, staffing, cash flow, and other financial projections. Banks really scrutinize business plans to make sure that the business they are lending to is likely to be successful! Our business plans increase the likelihood of SBA loan approval. Give us a call to learn more how we can help you establish and grow your business.

Visa Business Plans for Canada

XcelbPlans assists investors and entrepreneurs identify business opportunities in Canada. Our investor/entrepreneur assessments include an analysis of a client’s financial profile, vision, skills, and lifestyle preferences and how they match or don’t match investment opportunities. Our service also takes into account the Canadian immigration program the client qualifies for. We also support investors and entrepreneurs by providing the following services: (Landlord/retail space presentations, and Business coaching).